Thursday, May 27, 2010

Airbrush Temporary Tattoos For Girl

Airbrush Temporary Tattoos
Airbrush Temporary Tattoos

Airbrush Temporary Tattoos have been in the Airbrush Temporary Tattoo business for many years now and can offer expert advice and excellent after sales service. We were the first company to put Temporary Tattoos through an airbrush, and to offer vinylaser stencils, which are longer lasting than most other stencils.

Airbrush Temporary Tattoos are long lasting, waterproof and easy to remove with baby oil. Our temporary Tattoos will stay on for up to 7 days, are incredibly realistic looking, but you won’t have them on for life!

We combine imagination with innovation and are constantly stretching the boundaries to bring you, the customer, new and exciting products.

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