Saturday, August 21, 2010

Sleeve Tattoo Designs

Sleeve Tattoo Designs

The Sleeve tattoos are becoming increasingly popular amongst men these days and is probably due to the increasing number of celebrity males getting this sort of ink done. A sleeve tattoo can be described as a tattoo which wraps around the upper part of the arm from shoulder to elbow. This is some times referred to as a half-sleeve tattoo while a tattoo which wraps around the arm and extends all the way down to the wrist is known as a full sleeve tattoo. If the tattoo starts from the elbow area to the wrist then this is called a quarter sleeve tattoo.

These types of tattoos mean you are making a bold statement due to there size and complexity. This means you will need to have a through consultation with a tattoo artist you know has a good reputation for going this type of tattoo. This is not a small girly tattoo to get.

Best Flower Tattoo Designs - The Lily Tattoo

Best Flower Tattoo Designs - The Lily Tattoo

The Lily flower is my girlfriend's favourite one. I think many other women feel the same about it. I must admit it is quite a beautiful flower, but what I appreciate most about it, is that it is a great subject for wonderful tattoo designs.

The lily is native of the Balkan Peninsula in south-eastern Europe, from where it was imported in other European countries, where it became first one of the most admired flowers and then on of the most popular flower tattoos.

Traditionally Lily flowers are white - noble, elegant, white flowers, which have been often associated with ideas of purity and innocence.

Christians made of the lily a symbol of purity to represent the divine virginity. St. Joseph is often depicted with a stick from which sprout white lilies. A legend says that Mary chose Joseph because she saw him among many with a white lily in his hand.

Throughout the centuries the lily has been associated with several Saints and the Archangel Gabriel.

But a lily has not always symbolized purity and chastity: Lilies' typical phallic pistil and their erotic fragrance made quite the opposite impression on ancient Greeks, who linked these flowers with concepts like fertility and procreation.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dragon Art Tattoos - Significance, Designs, and Ideas

Looking for dragon art tattoo ideas

This brief overview will help you make a better guided decision when it comes to choosing your design.

Dragons have long been important mythological figures in Japanese, Indonesian, Korean, Chinese, and other Asian cultures. Dragons also exist in Western culture. The major difference between Asian and Western dragons lies in what they each represent. Asian dragons have a connection to emperors and imperial families and commonly represent empowerment, wisdom, freedom, and protection. Western dragons have traditionally been a symbol of evil.

Dragon Art Tattoos - Significance, Designs, and IdeasAnother significant difference between the two classes of dragons is appearance. Asian dragons are usually long, snake like creatures, whereas western dragons are more similar to dinosaurs in appearance. Among both Asian and Western cultures, there exists a rich diversity among the dragons themselves. For example, Japanese dragons commonly have long "whiskers" projecting from above their mouths and a jewel under their chin, both attributes which are unique to Japanese dragons.

Dragon Art Tattoos - Significance, Designs, and Ideas
Dragon Art Tattoos - Significance, Designs, and Ideas

Dragon art tattoos have become popular among many individuals due to their mystical appearance and range of possible of meanings. A common significance associated with dragon art tattoos is guardianship, since Japanese dragons were viewed as the protectors of the imperial family.

A unique idea for a dragon tattoo is having a design in which a dragon is breathing out a flame which spells out a lovers name or initials, or anything else meaningful. This could be a symbol of "the fire within", which represents a passion or burning desire for something or someone.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Tattoo Sleeve Art For a Great Arm Tattoo Design

Tattoo Sleeve Art For a Great Arm Tattoo Design

Tattoo sleeve art has always had a negative connotation with society. This sleeve art has been totally made infamous by gangs and mobs, like the Yakuza, and other gangs who just expressed their angst and identities through the use of tattoos.

However, because of the growing fashion of the tattoo sleeve art, these negative connotations are slowly disappearing and are instead becoming more of a fashion statement. Tattoos are so very common that it has let its presence felt in both sports and entertainment. Basketball stars show off their shooting, streaking arms decorated with these cool sleeve tattoos. Even wrestling superstars, or entertainers have one time or another, been showcasing their charisma and talent together with these tattoo designs.

Like all other tattoo arts range from varieties of design - tribal, Japanese, Chinese, Irish and many more. However, very common designs are the Japanese sleeve tattoos, and the tribal art designs.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tattoo Art Galleries

Tattoo Art GalleriesTattoo art has become extremely popular in the past few years. Research shows that North America alone has over 45 million people who have one or more tattoos. Due to this ever-increasing popularity of tattoos, tattoo art galleries have also come into tremendous form. These galleries display all kinds of tattoo designs, both ancient and modern, which help to understand the meaning behind this body art that is inked into skin. The art of tattooing is said to have originated from various tribes and most of the tattoo art galleries highlight the amazing history, powerful rituals and extraordinary social significance of tribal tattooing in many different cultures of the world. Some of these galleries go back to the history of tattoos by displaying the work of various old masters of the tattoo craft.

Tattoo Art Galleries
Some of the tattoo art galleries can also be called as photo galleries as they showcase photos of the fine ink work of various popular tattoo artists on Hollywood stars such as Thomas Lockhart, Christina Ricci, Chassity Ebony, Nikki Miller and others. Hence, along with showcasing tattoo art, these art galleries also highlight some of the top photographers for their fascinating and varied interpretations and visions of tattoos and their culture. Each photographer has a unique perspective and hence, the model is the main focus in some photos whereas the tattoo is in the others. The settings of every photo also differ from each other, as they display both ordinary as well as extraordinary settings. The tattoos applied by people today are very different from the ones showcased in tattoo art galleries. The tattoos that people have done today barely resemble the tattoo art that was found in the jungles and ancient civilizations of Southeast Asia and the South Pacific.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Hot and Sexy Japanese Tattoo Designs For Females - The Best in Feminine Tattoo Designs

Hot and Sexy Japanese Tattoo Designs For Females - The Best in Feminine Tattoo Designs-1Those who have a few tattoos probably know how hard and the time and effort it can take to find the perfect tattoo and the perfect design. It can almost be down right frustrating at times. It seems people are always wanting to find something that is different, unique, sexy and original. Well, right now is a great time to get a tattoo because the world of tattoo designs for women is growing at a super fast pace. In fact female tattoo designs are growing faster then any other segment of the industry. Thus has lead to a lot of new developments in tattoo designs for women. One of those is the use of traditional Japanese tattoo designs.

Hot and Sexy Japanese Tattoo Designs For Females - The Best in Feminine Tattoo Designs-2
Hot and Sexy Japanese Tattoo Designs For Females - The Best in Feminine Tattoo Designs-3Hot and Sexy Japanese Tattoo Designs For Females - The Best in Feminine Tattoo Designs

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Tattoos For Women

Tattoos For Women-1

A number of researches tell that more women go for a tattoo than men. Some tattoo designers are of the opinion that women are stronger than men when it comes to tattooing. Men initially pose very strong and tough before the process starts but when the needles touch their skin some of them collapse. On the other hand women have a higher level of tolerance and can withstand the pain.

Men are not as style conscious as women. Men generally select a design and select any place on their body and just get their tattoos done. Women on the other hand are choosier about what kind of tattoo they want, what their exact design and color should be and exactly which part of their body the tattoo would adorn.

Women normally get tattoos when they go through some major emotion change. A life changing incident often pushes a woman to get a tattoo done making that tattoo a mark of that incident. One of the most frequent reasons used by women to get a tattoo done is that they have divorced their husbands or they have broken up with their boyfriend. Apart from these two major reasons the other life changing incidents for which women get tattoos are marriage, or childbirth or loss of a loved one.

Tattoos For Women-2
Tattoos For Women-3
Tattoos For Women-4

Monday, August 2, 2010

Sexy Tattoo Designs

Sexy Tattoo Designs-1We've all seen them. Those sexy tattoo designs on a woman's lower back that turns a man's head, captures his attention, and fills his mind with sexy thoughts. Of course I'm talking about the classic Tramp Stamp. Seeing that sexy little inked artwork peeking above a lady's jeans usually sends a man's mind into overdrive with admiring thoughts and fantasies.

Sexy Tattoo Designs-2

Believe me ladies, a sexy tramp stamp is like 100 proof visual catnip for men. When we see that tramp stamp peeking out above your jeans, we can't help but look and fantasize. We can't help it! I once walked straight into a cement light pole because I couldn't take my eyes off a young lady's tramp stamp.

Not only can a well-placed tattoo charm a man's thoughts, it also can work miracles for the woman sporting such a design. A tattoo in the right location, of the right design, can enhance how a woman feels about herself, her self image, and gives her a sudden new charismatic effect on men.

Cute Girl Tattoos

Cute Girl Tattoos
Just about any design choice can be made into cute girl tattoos, but that's not what we're going to talk about. Having tons of styles to choose from is not a bad thing, though. Not even close. Taking the time to learn about various styles and researching the design choices you might like is always a good thing. In fact, people who do "not" do this will usually regret the artwork they put on their body, which really stinks. Here's are some of the most amazing designs choices, which can all be made into cute girl tattoos.

Monster Tattoos Design

Monster Tattoos Design
Monster Tattoos Design
Monster Tattoos Design
Today, tattoo is the latest fashion craze. Wherever you go you can't walk down the street without seeing people sporting a tattoo. People from different stages of life have tattoos. Recently, the average of age of getting a tattoo is as young as 8-year old which is something that mother out there should be alarmed. Why? Because when you stop and consider that throughout history tattoos symbolizes rebellion and deviancy. It is mostly associated with criminals, soldiers, prostitutes, sailors, and the lowliest people of the society. But whatever your belief liberal or conservative, regardless of how you perceive this tattoo things, the bottom line you cannot deny the influence it exhibit among the young people today.
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