Thursday, August 5, 2010

Tattoos For Women

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A number of researches tell that more women go for a tattoo than men. Some tattoo designers are of the opinion that women are stronger than men when it comes to tattooing. Men initially pose very strong and tough before the process starts but when the needles touch their skin some of them collapse. On the other hand women have a higher level of tolerance and can withstand the pain.

Men are not as style conscious as women. Men generally select a design and select any place on their body and just get their tattoos done. Women on the other hand are choosier about what kind of tattoo they want, what their exact design and color should be and exactly which part of their body the tattoo would adorn.

Women normally get tattoos when they go through some major emotion change. A life changing incident often pushes a woman to get a tattoo done making that tattoo a mark of that incident. One of the most frequent reasons used by women to get a tattoo done is that they have divorced their husbands or they have broken up with their boyfriend. Apart from these two major reasons the other life changing incidents for which women get tattoos are marriage, or childbirth or loss of a loved one.

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