Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tattoo Art Galleries

Tattoo Art GalleriesTattoo art has become extremely popular in the past few years. Research shows that North America alone has over 45 million people who have one or more tattoos. Due to this ever-increasing popularity of tattoos, tattoo art galleries have also come into tremendous form. These galleries display all kinds of tattoo designs, both ancient and modern, which help to understand the meaning behind this body art that is inked into skin. The art of tattooing is said to have originated from various tribes and most of the tattoo art galleries highlight the amazing history, powerful rituals and extraordinary social significance of tribal tattooing in many different cultures of the world. Some of these galleries go back to the history of tattoos by displaying the work of various old masters of the tattoo craft.

Tattoo Art Galleries
Some of the tattoo art galleries can also be called as photo galleries as they showcase photos of the fine ink work of various popular tattoo artists on Hollywood stars such as Thomas Lockhart, Christina Ricci, Chassity Ebony, Nikki Miller and others. Hence, along with showcasing tattoo art, these art galleries also highlight some of the top photographers for their fascinating and varied interpretations and visions of tattoos and their culture. Each photographer has a unique perspective and hence, the model is the main focus in some photos whereas the tattoo is in the others. The settings of every photo also differ from each other, as they display both ordinary as well as extraordinary settings. The tattoos applied by people today are very different from the ones showcased in tattoo art galleries. The tattoos that people have done today barely resemble the tattoo art that was found in the jungles and ancient civilizations of Southeast Asia and the South Pacific.

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