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Dragon Art Tattoos - Significance, Designs, and Ideas

Looking for dragon art tattoo ideas

This brief overview will help you make a better guided decision when it comes to choosing your design.

Dragons have long been important mythological figures in Japanese, Indonesian, Korean, Chinese, and other Asian cultures. Dragons also exist in Western culture. The major difference between Asian and Western dragons lies in what they each represent. Asian dragons have a connection to emperors and imperial families and commonly represent empowerment, wisdom, freedom, and protection. Western dragons have traditionally been a symbol of evil.

Dragon Art Tattoos - Significance, Designs, and IdeasAnother significant difference between the two classes of dragons is appearance. Asian dragons are usually long, snake like creatures, whereas western dragons are more similar to dinosaurs in appearance. Among both Asian and Western cultures, there exists a rich diversity among the dragons themselves. For example, Japanese dragons commonly have long "whiskers" projecting from above their mouths and a jewel under their chin, both attributes which are unique to Japanese dragons.

Dragon Art Tattoos - Significance, Designs, and Ideas
Dragon Art Tattoos - Significance, Designs, and Ideas

Dragon art tattoos have become popular among many individuals due to their mystical appearance and range of possible of meanings. A common significance associated with dragon art tattoos is guardianship, since Japanese dragons were viewed as the protectors of the imperial family.

A unique idea for a dragon tattoo is having a design in which a dragon is breathing out a flame which spells out a lovers name or initials, or anything else meaningful. This could be a symbol of "the fire within", which represents a passion or burning desire for something or someone.

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