Saturday, May 15, 2010

Jessica Biel Tattoos Design

Jessica Biel, 27, is a famous American Actress and a fashion model who is most famous as Mary Camden for her role in the longest running television series Seventh Heaven. Winner of Sexiest Women Alive, on the magazines of the likes Maxim, FHM and Vogue, Jessica Biel often gets noticed by the media due to her craze with sexy and designer tattoos on various parts of her body. In fact, her sexy tattoos have often played a crucial role in getting her the various awards such as Hottest Women, Most Desirable Woman, Most Beautiful and Sexiest Woman and many other labels.

Nobody can argue to the proven fact that majority of celebrity women who have been voted 'Sexiest' have at least one or more tattoos on their body. Likewise, Jessica Biel also has several tattoos inscribed on her body parts such as her arms, her neck, her waist and her shoulders. A cute small dove carrying a olive branch and a butterfly tattoo on her stomach are the most visible and popular tattoos on Jessica Biel.

Jessica Biel dove tattoo

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