Saturday, May 15, 2010

Alyssa Milano Tattoos Design

Alyssa Milano tattoo
Alyssa Milano wrist tattoo

This 34 years old celebrity is close to Angelina Jolie in tattoo popularity searches. We remember Alyssa as a small girl in “Who’s the Boss” and since then, she has grown up to be a beautiful celebrity with tattoos in her body. She has own design of a cross, angels, fairies and sacred heart.

Alyssa Milano tattoo

She is back in the TV series “Charmed” and can be seen with beautiful works of art in tattoo designs. Her paparazzi took her photos in various beaches and resorts around the globe revealing her tattoos in different parts of her body.

Alyssa Milano tattoo
Alyssa Milano right shoulder blade tattoo

Tattoos are popular in the world even before they became a trend in Hollywood. In Bangkok, tattoo artists are called “arjans” and they are highly revered in the community. The youth and the middle-aged are the ones usually seen having tattoos in Thailand.

They imitate the tattoos that they can see in photos and websites of Western stars. They are impressed with Western celebrities sporting attractive tattoo designs published by the media and Thais want to be part of the global tattoo phenomenon.

Due to high cost of Western tattoos, however, they just hire the services of Thai arjans where it is less expensive and sometimes, offering of flowers is enough.

Alyssa Milano lower abdomen tattoo

Alyssa Milano tattoo

Alyssa Milano ankle tatto
Alyssa Milano tattoo
Alyssa Milano tattoo

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